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    Hey I am wondering if anyone have a tattoo? Also I wonder why does so many martial artist have a lot of tattoos?

    I have a tattoo of red and blue dragon on my left shoulder. I am planning to get another one with Buddha face above earth and below the earth would be two dragons and a sword. The dragon above sword would be surround by water and blue in color and have somewhat fish like appearance. One below the sword would be surround by fire and red in color and have some horns. It will be all way across my center back (to give rooom for Buddha and earth).

    It is a rat eat rat world.

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    I'm not allowed to have a tatoo but my housemate has a nice design of the Chinese character "Martial". I like the sound of your tatoo it sounds very good.

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    I would like a tattoo, but since it puts you in a social "box", I'm not getting one.


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    Yeah, if there wasn't such a prejudice against people with tattoos, I'd get one too. Maybe (as for Chinese characters) "fist-law" and "justice" on the shoulders or "tao" or "dragon" in large, calligraphy-style print on the back. I don't think I'd get a picture or anything like that, other than a symbol or design. Maybe like a samurai crest or the 'enchanted' anting-anting tattoos used to protect the old school escrimadors in fights.

    Why do martial artists have them? Well, I think that everyone, for the most part, has a desire to look good on some level. Martial artists, sacrificing the beauty of "flower fist and brocade legs" for effectiveness in combat, choose to decorate their body before their technique and thus get tattooed. For others, it's a way to look 'hard' or 'tough', but in my opinion, if you get tattoos to look hard, you'll just look that much dumber when you get beaten.

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    I have a hidden tattoo of a puppy. No, not there, on my upper arm.

    How's that for looking tough?


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