As the name suggests, it is run by Scott and Ruth Shamblin. Despite the lack of full contact sparring, I believe it is the best place for striking instruction in the Cleveland area. The only other striking oriented schools in the area are International Tae Kwon Do alliance mcdojos. Given the the alternatives, I heavily recomend attending Shamblin's school if you happen to live in Cleveland. I've briefly trained at both the ITA and Shamblins and can assure you that Shamblin's is by far the better choice.

The alivenss factor isn't high, but all the self defense techniques are realistic as opposed to learning to block punches with cresent kicks which the ITA endorses. The thing I liked most about Scott was his willingness to allow students to modify techniques to better suit their abilities and they varying situations where they might have to use them. I may be baised from my time in the ITA, but I'm under the impression that most traditional instructors insist students absolutely adhere to a technique even when a little modification would make things much more applicable.

The environment is ideal for learning. None of the instructors are on an ego glorifying crusade. Unless you are an absolute dickhead, everyone is extremely friendly and willing to teach.

I lived in Cleveland for about 5 months before having to move, and regret not being able to train at Shamblin's Isshinryu for a longer length of time.