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    SoFlo Marcelo Seminar

    My friend Leo Kirby is hosting Marcelo Garcia for a two day no-gi seminar at American Top Team Hollywood. Here’s the info:

    Saturday, March 3rd—Sunday, March 4th
    11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
    American Top Team Hollywood
    5450 S State Road 7
    Sut. 27/28
    Hollywood, Florida
    Phone: 954-316-4676
    Here is a guide to finding the gym, since it’s a little hard to spot.


    $100.00 per day
    $200.00 for both days
    Day of the seminar:
    $125.00 per day
    $250.00 for both days.
    He will also be available for a few privates.


    Marcelo will spend one day on his bread and butter game, setting up the rear naked choke and finishing from the back. Everyone is interested in how he is able to finish with the rear naked choke so much.

    While he covers some of this in all of his seminars, in a private lesson I had with him I found that he has an extremely detailed game when it comes to setting up the choke, getting the opponent in proper position, using his legs to keep him from escaping, recovering the position if the opponent does escape and finally finishing the choke. I will ask him to cover all of this in detail.

    He will also spend one day on his omaplata game. If anyone has wrestled Marcelo in a seminar they will tell you that his omaplata game is probably his best kept secret. He literally gets them from everywhere. I believe this is one of the subjects of his new instructional series and I am very excited to have him teach the details in this seminar.
    So, if you have never been to a Marcelo seminar here is your chance to train with the best. And if you have, here is your chance to see him cover different aspects of his game that you may not have seen before.

    Yes, yes, you have heard it before but… LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE.

    There is always limited space. But we hope to have enough pre-paid attendants that we can close the seminar and allow those who have paid a great seminar experience with plenty of mat space. We cannot do that if you wait to pay the day of the seminar. And if a lot of people show up that are not pre-registered and we do not know are coming, it could get crowded.

    So do three things:
    1. Call ATT at 954-316-4676 or Leo Kirby at 786-295-7227.
    2. Register.
    3. Send money.
    Here is a GREAT idea!

    Is your wife or girlfriend tired of hearing about your latest armbar setup? Does she wish you would spend a little more time talking about her concerns and a little less time talking about BJJ?

    Well, bring her with you! Our gym is literally within walking distance of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


    You can spend the morning and early afternoon training with Marcelo, and she can hang out by the pool or in the day spa. You can be back by 3:00 and have plenty of time to enjoy the clubs, restaurants and nightlife.

    If you are flying in, it is less than a $20 cab ride from Ft. Lauderdale airport to the Hard Rock so you don’t even need a car.

    But even if you don’t want to spend the money to stay at the Hard Rock, your significant other can enjoy the amenities while you train, and you can hang out there after the seminar with her. She will forever ask when you are going to go to another BJJ seminar.

    And that is priceless.

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    Did you put this on iCompete as well? I'm poking around at a couple of jobs in Florida and might be in the area at that time (I hope).

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