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  • Stop being such a *****, grind my toe down until it's a disfigured knob with no nerve endings

    17 41.46%
  • Find some sort of grippy padded bootie/wrap/sock-like/grippy/tabi-ish thing for protection

    4 9.76%
  • Tape, which rolls into sticky balls and collects particles from the floor making for a dirty toe

    12 29.27%
  • Just wear shoes like a total *****

    8 19.51%
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    Move your bag outdoors and over a large area of gravel . Spend a few weeks hitting it with dock/boat/wrestling shoes . Switch to bare feet for a couple weeks after that .

    Move the bag back inside ... you will not care about an ouchy on your big toe caused by hard wood floors .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabster the Bad Elf
    Socks on a hardwood floor and kicking would end up in America's Funniest Videos for sure.
    Mebbe. Before getting the foam jigsaw thingies, I wore socks on a linoleum floor without going ass-over-teakettle. Certainly helped focus the mind on maintaining balance, though on the downside it made the pivot a little too easy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabster the Bad Elf
    Go down to a carpet place and get a cheap piece of carpet remnant or get into their dumpster and grab a nice looking throw away. A lot cheaper than the mats - especially the dumpster version. If someone goes the gym and uses it/steals it/walks dog **** on it you won't cry about it either.
    Preferably the ratty indoor/outdoor type, I guess. Nasty little critters could take up residence in thicker pile. *envisions odacon's avatar and shudders*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gabster the Bad Elf
    If not, just wear some tape over that toe of yours.
    B-but the sticky balls!

    OTOH, you can always find water shoes for cheap, usually under $10 for the noname ones.

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    Well the heavy bag is at my Gym, LA Fitness, so I can't put mats or carpet down. I guess one solution would be to get could get like 4 rubber yoga mat things they and put them down under the bag each time I go in.

    I don't train for "reality", I train for MMA, so I don't care about being good kicking shoes. I'm thinking about trying these ruberized socks they gave me when I had surgery, but I'm not sure if it will be enough padding.

    I haven't figured out how to tape the big toe with out it either 1. Coming off 2, Being too tight, or 3. rolling up and collecting dirt

    What about some sort of muay thai style footwrap with a toe attachment? Does such an item exist?

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    carpet is kind of a crappy suggestion anyway, since carpet will tear the **** out of your feet (if you pivot properly).
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    *giggle* You need Tabis. Rubberized soles and protection for the big toe.

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    Calluses will develop over time. I used to do stuff on hot pavement, man did i get some nasty blisters on every single one of my toes. Though i occasionally get a blister on the big toe these days, for the most part I haven't had any issues.

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    Tape and Calluses are your answer. This happens to me occasionally after a lay off from bag work. A single layer of tape will usually let me develop a callus slowly without tearing the skin. If the skin is already torn. Tape it OR the best and most expensive solution. Buy some New Skin liquid bandage.

    Buy it here!

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    Calluses. Grow them and you won't notice it anymore.

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    What White Shark said.

    For the record, I HATE puzzle mats. Seems like they are more mushy on the edges where they interlock, so its really easy to twist an ankle or catch a toe when pivoting with your foot on the edge of two mats.

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    heavy bag, over hardwood floor, for a full range of strikes? i'd probably go with shoes first, then see about carpet if that didn't work. with the right carpet (short tight commercial style stuff, preferably), feet are fine, but unless you've got a way to secure it to the ground, you're dealing with an unstable surface.

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