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    Went to watch the KOTC show here in New Mexico last night. Couldn't remember all the results, so I'll have to cut and paste here once I find them. The Jackson Gaidojutsu team won all six of their fights, so that was gratifying to watch. A few things I noticed in an overall sense:

    - Fighters were giving up their back way too much. I must have see 6 or 7 fights end in a rear naked choke. Not smart.

    - Takedowns and takedown defense is crucial. I can't remember a single match where the fighters didn't end up on the ground after about 30 seconds of action. 9 times out of 10, the guy who gets the takedown gets the victory.

    - All the matches were decided by submission or TKO. No decisions that I recall. But since there were a lot of professional debuts, that tends to happen.

    - Almost all of the fighters and fight fans were great, with one exception. John Cronk is the biggest idiot I've ever seen in MMA. He's some kind of skinhead muay thai fighter with a pack of racist retards for fans. He and his band of jackasses were rude and arrogant to everyone there, even the other fighters. The good news is, he was in the main event with a good friend and training partner of mine, Diego Sanchez. Cronk had talking all kind of **** about Diego and Diego almost ripped his arm off with a kimura, it was fucking great! His foot was also bleeding from where he tried to use his bare foot against the cage to stop a monster double-leg takedown. Probably ripped off one of his toenails or something. Doesn't matter, he got exactly what he deserved. Diego Sanchez, Dealer of Justice to skinhead dipshits everywhere!

    Anyway, that was it. Lots of action, they had 10 matches that took under two hours to conduct, so that was a welcome change. Pretty small venue but lots of enthusiast fans who knew a lot about the sport (everyone started cheering and jumping to their feet when a submission attempt was made). None of the beer-soaked idiots who boo every time the action goes to the ground. All in all, a good night of MMA fighting.
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    I hear you on the rude fans. That just pisses me off. The other day, when one of my training buddies was fighting, some friends of the opponent were yelling **** like, "Break his ribs! Break his leg! (some Spanish that I doubt was anything polite)". That just pissed me off.


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    Good, dumbass John Crock lost.

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