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    Autobiography of Jigoro Kano

    Sorry in advance if this is posted in the wrong place.

    A little while ago in my wanderings around the Net I came across this page here:

    It purports to be a translation of a part of Jigoro Kano's autobiography. Other webpages and forum discussions indicate such a book exists, but has not been fully translated. Has anyone here more knowledge of this? I believe it was partially serialised in English in a publication called Aikido News; I don't know how easy it is to get a copy of the Japanese version.

    If the translated page is indeed taken from Kano's autobiography, it yields some interesting passages. What particularly struck me was:
    Quote Originally Posted by Jigoro Kano?
    In the first time of Kodokan I did not distinguish between randori and kata, but I used to explain the form while I was proceeding with randori. As you can explain grammar while you are proceeding in writing the letter.
    But this method was working as long as I was teaching directly to the pupils, one by one. As the number of pupils was growing, I had not enough time any more, and especially by delegating other teachers it was becoming difficoult for them to adopt my method. So it was necessary to establish our school’s kata.
    Kano seems here to be suggesting that he found kata unnecessary until the number of students increased beyond what he could personally cope with, and then he felt some kind of syllabus was needed to standardise the teaching of his instructors.

    It also points out that free practice was not original to judo, though the extent to which free practice was employed was possibly unprecedented, and discusses something that it holds up as being original to Kano: kuzushi.

    Verification of the accuracy or lack thereof of this supposed translation would be much appreciated.

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    Theres so much stuff out there. If you're really interested learn Japanese.

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    Or... perhaps being a tad more helpful, PM me the information and I'll translate what I can for you.
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