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    Japan mebbe?

    If western wrestling and boxing seem more effective to many Americans and Europeans, perhaps it's because that's the home of the styles, and thus the best understanding/instruction. I think you should always take training away from the source with a grain of salt.

    How different is pre-sport pugilism from Chinese and Japanese forms of empty handed fighting?

    "Applied training like MT does can't be replaced with Kata"

    Of course not, they aren't intended to. If they are being used that way it's just plain bad instruction. Think of randori (pre-Golden Lawyer Age style if you catch my meaning), or in a historical context the not uncommon dueling of the time.

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    I like boxing more because you handle getting hit in the face and hitting to the face, and blocking and parrying headshots. But Boxing isn't complete.

    I personally felt like I was being cheated never handling headshots. I'm sure plenty of other guys did too.

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