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    Quote Originally Posted by Draven
    Mark Hunt is awesome, he is a natural born fighter pure and simple and will excell at any form of fighting he focuses on. He only had 7 MMA fights under his belt and gave the Nr.1 MMA fighter in the world a lot of trouble.
    Yah he definitely has a future in mma. When i first saw his record on Sherdog I couldnt believe he doesnt get more recognition. Id love to see him knock silvia's ass out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatherdog
    Hunt punches Fedor once directly at the base of the neck, which is illegal (no strikes directly to the spine and base of the neck). The ref gives him a warning and lets the fight continue.
    Not the mention the hilariousness of Hunt getting someone's back.
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    some really great fights on that card. i was impressed.

    problem is, i've got the damn song from the opening montage/music video stuck in my head. what IS that song?

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