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    comparing kettlebell books

    Ok I've been lurking long enough. First off I love this site and think its a great thing to root out all the frauds and save honest fighters training money. Alright now I need help. I'm comparing two books that look basically the same. They are called "The Russian Kettlebell Challenge" and "Enter the Kettlebell." Has anyone read either of these? Which one is better, I'm basically in the market for a no BS manual with easy to follow instructions on fundamental kettlebell excercises (and preferably colour pictures). I already bought a kettlebell and, in throwing it around I realized I have no idea what I'm doing.

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    I have the "Enter the Kettlebell" dvd and I love it. Seeing the exercises being performed and explained in detail really helps alot. I also downloaded the e-books. The "Enter the Kettlebell" book helps with tecnique and setting up a program. If you use Limewire, you can probably find them both.


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