Indian women give drunk hubbies the chop

August 01 2003

New Delhi - A group of 93 women from New Delhi's sprawling slums have received martial arts training to tackle their drunk husbands, it was reported on Friday. One woman said her husband would come home drunk every night and then physically abuse her.

"He was shocked when I punched him back in the stomach. He has mended his ways since and even apologised to me the next morning for the first time in our married life," she told the United News of India news agency.

Social workers say alcoholism is a problem in slum areas. Most of the men are unemployed and spend their wives' earnings on liquor. The 15-day training was conducted by the police's Crime Against Women Cell, aimed at dealing with increasing violence against women. Police inspector Neeta Malhotra, one of the trainers, said girls as young as 11 attended the self-help sessions, saying they wanted to become "empowered women".

One judo trainee, Durga, said: "Today I feel more confident physically and mentally. I know my strength now." - Sapa-DPA 3&set_id=1