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    First Day at a New School

    I just had my first class at a new school, and it was hands down the best class I've ever had in my life.

    The school is Ultimate Fitness in Sacramento CA. The class was a submission wrestling class taught by Uriah Faber. If you haven't heard of Uriah before he holds world titles in three MMA orgs (King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge, and WEC) and has a current MMA record of 16-1. He has also competed in the Abu Dhabi World Championships.

    I couldn't have ask for a better introduction to submission wrestling or a better instructor. The class was just me, Uriah, and one other student.

    In the class we went some of the basic fundamentals of wrestling.

    After a brief warm-up that consisted mostly of jogging around the mat we covered:

    Offensive and Defensive Stances for Wrestlling
    Basic Foot Work from Both Stances
    How to do a Hand Sprawl (This was completely new for me and the other guy who has a BJJ background. Essentially when a guy shoots for you leg you pick that leg up and back while touching the ground with the same side arm. So your moving the leg out of reach while using your shoulder to stop the guys forward momentum)
    The proper way to fake a shot

    After we went over this basics Uriah ran us through a shadow wrestling drill using the above elements. He called out "Offense", "Defense", "Hand Sprawl", or "Fake" and it was up to us to assume the proper stance and/or make the move.

    After that we moved on to how to actually shoot for a takedown and the traditional sprawl me and other guy were more familar with. When then repeated the shadow wrestling drill add in these techniques.

    We then moved into what to do after shooting. Uriah first demonstrated the proper positioning for double leg, single leg, and high crotch takedowns. After we got each of those down, he ran use through a drill where we would shoot once and then move betwwen the different positions as we called the out. He concluded the takedown portion by showing us and having us drill finishes for both the single and double leg takedowns.

    After that we moved on to a couple a defenses for a single leg, the first involving a whizzer and wrist control. The second focused on how to give the guy a jaw jack with your shoulder if you couldn't break his grip using the previous defense.

    The class concluded with how to secure a RNC when a guy is turtled up and you have his back. Uriah showed us how to get the guy up, get our hooks in, the proper way to choke, and how to secure the tap.

    I always thought I had a genetic disposition to suck at grappling. After an unsuccessful year at a BJJ school, I truly felt I wasn't really any better than the day I first walked in. This class made me feel like there is some hope for me yet. The techniques Uriah showed me were very natural and I left feeling I could actually perform them. Uriah said I actually did really good for someone with no real formal wrestling background. Maybe I really did pick up something in BJJ or maybe he's just that good of an instructor.

    The icing on the cake was that after the class Uriah sat down with me for over an hour so I could interview him for a dojo review I plan to do for the site. He had never heard of bullshido before, but was impressed with what he saw from the few minutes he surfed the site.

    I'll complete and submit my review after I make it to a couple of the kick boxing and BJJ classes.

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    Uriah is a great fighter. I wish his fight against Bibiano hadn't ended with that early cut, it looked like it was going to be a war. It was a nice win for Uriah nonetheless, Bibiano should have been able to finish a few times, couldn't as Uriah worked out of the subs, and Bibiano subsequently lost.


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