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Thread: Kumo JiuJitsu

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkartigue
    I hate it when people say they are doing a Japanese version of jujutsu and spell it like the Brazilian jiujitsu. That right there lets you know from the start they are full of it.
    Actually no, there are a lot of people out there spelling it with the 'i'. Most of these trace their lineage back to Kano JiuJitsu which was bastardized name for Judo for awhile.

    Then you will see BJJ guys selling books using the spelling JuJitsu, and we still consider them legit.

    The problem really is that any variation (Jyujytsu, jujutsu, jyudo, jiudo etc) are all English transliterations of Japanese words, and hence open to interpretation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoJu - Joe
    I have seen them at grappling competitions - albeit kids competitions that my oldest son was in. And he won and beat them, but he's a vicious little bugger.

    Is their grappling on par with BJJ? Probably not but regardless of what the guy uses as a mix for his style they spar and grapple in an alive manner and are OK in my books.

    The poster however who said he would pull guard on Kimbo is full of ****. Size and aggression matter.

    However there are also plenty of BJJ white belts who would say the same dumb **** and have never grappled with striking involved.
    Alright, fair enough. It's just that when I see Judo and JiuJitsu juxtaposed with Aikido and Drunken Kung Fu my brain has the equivalent of a kernel panic.
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    I think it would be possible for someone to just triangle choke Kimbo. It would take the "right" person though. Dave Camarillo anyone? I couldn't find a link but on his DVD series he shows some pretty brutal flying attacks. I'm sure if you are as fast as he is when pulling them off you could break Kimbo's arm or choke him out before he knew what happened. Me personally, I'd just shoot his ass!

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