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    Followup to my HIIT regimen

    My trainer Shark, was in Brazil for a month a bit. His instructions were to work on my cardio. I decided to really ramp it up and be ready for him when he got back. We would do an hour private, and within 10 to 15 minutes, I was gassing.

    So just to let those who didn't read my original thread, I went and bought a poler heart rate watch and strap. Decided to use HIIT, and the variant of taking my heart rate to it's 90% max and back down to 75%, which is 167bpm and 135bpm respectively. In a 20 minute period, with 5 minutes of joggin to warm up, I'll ramp up the speed to 8.0 mph and keep at it for 30 to 45 seconds, then bring it down to 3.5, to lower my HR. I'll do that 6 to 7 times.

    So, with that said, I've lost alot of weight. Everyone has noticed it, and those who haven't seen me in a month ask me if I'm smoking crack. The weight loss has been that dramatic.
    Going by the scale though, it's only been maybe 15lbs.

    So, now I'm on the 10x10 for lifting weights, and while I just started it on Monday, my body feels good, I did light cardio last night before Shark put me through grappling, and I feel 90% of usual. Though last night, all I could really work on was arm bars from the guard, as sitting up with send my abs into serious cramping.

    Back to what I started, I did an easy 45 minutes non stop other than stretching the abs when it cramped up of drills, which a month ago, I couldn't last 10 minutes without being out of breath.

    I whole heartedly endorse HIIT training for building up stamina and cardio in a very short period of time. :)

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    Congrats man.
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    You should post before and after pictures.

    Also, 15 lbs may not seem like a lot...but 15 lbs of FAT is quite a bit.

    You lost fifteen of these:

    Is it usual for you to experience extreme cramping when working guard techniques? That might be a concern, and might be indicative of low sodium/potassium and dehydration. If the pain is severe, you may have a pulled muscle and/or a hernia.


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