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    Wow, its been so long since I've started a respectable topic in this forum.... I think Im getting goosebumps.

    This is a post thats a spinoff of this thread: Krav Maga Pics of Disaster:


    Where this gem of a video: http://www.gentrymartialarts.com/html/todd_movie.html

    was hilariously showcased.

    Did a little work on google and came up with the webpage for that "martial arts" academy.


    Im still trying to figure out whether I think this school is COMPLETE bullshido or not- while they post adds like this:

    What if you could...
    *Stop over 90% of all attacks before they ever got physically violent?
    *Use the power of adrenaline to defeat even the most determined attacker?
    *Learn how to apply these same techniques to radically increase your confidence in any situation?
    *And... learn all this in a single afternoon!

    However they do offer courses in ground fighting. Their skill at it is yet to be determined and if that video is a preview of anything they teach......

    On the front page they list "common misconceptions of self defense: fights go to the ground"


    and he kind of contradicts himself in his own statement:

    It sounds to me like it is a good idea to stay off the ground but know what to do if you do wind up there. This is what I have been saying, and what law enforcement and military folks have told me for years. Notice I did NOT say that you shouldn't study ground fighting. On the contrary, I think it's very important. But you do not want to waste time doing arm bars and triangle chokes, you want to do what you must to get back on your feet as fast as possible.

    He advocates knowing how to get back to your feet, but the moves he just discredited are often applied from underneath and are quite successfull at allowing a smaller person to defeat a much bigger person. The more options you give yourself, the better your chances of survival.

    Like many others, he incorrectly assumes that BJJ ALWAYS advocates taking an altercation to the ground.

    Anyways he contradicts himself in the next paragraph.

    Also keep in mind that the moment you throw somebody to the ground, climb on them, and punch them - you are committing assault and battery in most jurisdictions. The hockey dad case in Massachusetts is an example. Thomas Junta was assaulted in front of his children. He then grounded and punched his assailant who hit his head on the concrete and died. Mr. Junta is now serving time for involuntary manslaughter

    Because if our other hockey father even had just one class in basic self defense BJJ, he probably could have defended himself or at least have gotten out of the headlock and survived his assault.

    Additional information regarding civilian fights.

    More of their information:

    Male versus Male - Age 18 and up

    In studying real life fights involving this group of civilians, we find that no more than 40% fights ever went to the ground. When the fights did go to the ground, it was typically due to two main reasons:

    1. Ineffective technique that led to the combatants becoming fatigued and frustrated and proceeding to a grapple, and then to falling on the ground.

    2. One of the combatants actually tripping and falling

    *First off, where did they get these statistics? Who did they study and where? Anyone can post their own statistics since they are their own source, but its hardly credible.

    *Both of those reasons are quite valid and common reasons for fights going to the ground

    *If we're using our own sources, I can tell you that out of my three years working at a bar in center city, nearly all serious confrontations that were not broken up immediately ended up on the ground.

    *A third reason for people to fall/go to the ground is that one is natrually bound to get the better of the standup, which would encourage the other person to change tactics (i.e. tackle him)

    Im looking forward to any of their upcoming seminars.....
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    are you gonna whoop em?

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    "What if you could...
    *Stop over 90% of all attacks before they ever got physically violent?
    *Use the power of adrenaline to defeat even the most determined attacker?
    *Learn how to apply these same techniques to radically increase your confidence in any situation?
    *And... learn all this in a single afternoon!"

    - Ok I don't know how they came up with 90% but most it probably originates in some anal orifice. I also don't know what "stopping an attack before it starts" is. Do you knock them out as soon as they think about an attack? If they mean laying the beatdown on someone becuase he called your mother names then that's assault not self defence.

    - "The power of adrenaline". backed up by a solid skillset, yes it could be an edge. However it smacks of magic bullet to me.

    - Yes, certian technqiues can increase confidence. As long as you know you can do them through sparring.

    - The last one in the real show of bullshido. In one afternoon you aren't getting anything especially the confidence, aggression and skill that go into a good fighter.

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    "The power of adrenaline" is nothing compared to the power to move someone....
    sorry...just thinking of Jack Black's song: "Wonder Boy"

    Adrenaline is good because it helps block out some pain, boost confidence in that moment etc...but I wouldn't want to be pinning all my hopes to it to get me through a fight...

    well what about the power to tear someone apart from fifty feet away through telekinesis? That would be pretty awesome too...

    do they have a course for that

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    How to stop an attack before it even occurs? That's an easy one!
    Just watch this short (<5 min) video and you'll know everything you need to know about self defense!! The pre-emptive use of force is discussed near the end...



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