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    You would do fine ... you seem to have good hands , good aggression , good technique , and if your fighting @ 170-ish you should have just enough weight to do something . You also seem to have depth perception . Which is a good thing ... since Kai can kick and punch you from half way across the room .

    I tried to respond earlier but ate my post ...
    Does he live in Montreal?

    Wow!You might remember me from the throwdown last may I think.I new you were holding back then.But I had no idea.LOL!

    Congrats on the fight!
    Yes of course, although you changed your screen name. Ahh well i have also been training hard, trying to improve. Thanks for the kind words.


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    none at the moment
    Nice work man. Good night for h2o with both you and Kev winning(I train at h2o also, didnt make it out to see the fights though).

    Keep up the good work. Once I get my game past total noob level we'll have to spar sometime.

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