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hey tho for some one who doesn't have the kind of money to go buy bags that works well and i haven't had mine break on me yet
Worst first post ever.
It's spelled "Brazilian".
don't necro an already necro'd thread without adding something useful, like this:

I've had a leather Everlast double-double-end bag for a little over 2 years now and I use it all the time. Highly recommend the double end bag as a training tool. Since I didn't like the way the double-double wobbled, I took it apart and put some carabiners on it, and switch between the small and large ball rather than using as originally packaged. Image for reference:

I can't see the image in the OP, but I think it's one of the bag-on-a-springloaded-stick deals. AWFUL. They are slow and useless.