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    Hard Numbers

    With recent talk of this guy or that guy defecting from or too pride or the UFC, and the UFC snapping up smaller fight leagues, and the UFC posting BIG PPV numbers, and pride making inroads into america...

    I got to wondering: Which leauge is actually "worth" more?

    Which league is the big bucks?

    The stereotype is that pride pays more and has more talent, but does that mean they are grossing more?

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    Considering how long Pride has been a mainstay of Japanese sports culture, I wonder if their financial situation is more analgous to that of a pro football or baseball league than it is to the UFC.

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    K-1 might fall under that sort of "institutional" status, but PRIDE's had TV difficulties and other problems that keep me from putting it in that same bracket.

    Case in point- K-1 Dynamite's card SUCKS (Giant Silva vs. Akebono FTL), but they're expecting to win the New Year's slot anyway.


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