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I still believe in hitting the guy, we were just getting the MA's to believe in presure points...
On the other hand -Esai Maeda, who is also known as Conde Koma taugth real MA to Gracie and in stead of the water down MA that came back after WWII . I also have studies BJJ from one of the DKI in Ca. and found the techniques work right in with the applications of PP and Kata.. I have no clue why you guys hate Dillman ...he has only done the same thing that Gracie has done. ....excuse my spelling mistake...
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You are as much a pos as Dillman. The Gracies fight. They really fight, in MMA, in grappling and in BJJ competitions - not to mention the Gracie Challenges. Dillman has never done anything except eat and surround himself with sad geeks who wish they could be fighters so they all go along with what is meant to happen.

In the clip someone posted of you it's really sad how excited the two helpers are when they run on to "resuscitate" the guy.

RPGs are more realistic to the nonsense Dillman and his co-horts do. You guys should stick to playing computer games.

If Dillman was really like the Gracies then he, or one of his students, should either step in and fight MMA or take the James Randi Foundation challenge and win $1m. Why doesn't he do either of those things?