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    Quote Originally Posted by polishillusion
    what the **** are you talking about?
    Just nod your head and smile.

    I think the punching bag is the solution to all mental problems

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    I was talking about the topic originally addressed. punching bags are the answer to all mental problems, unless you caught "Mike Tyson". then your screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirc
    Feel stuck in a rut and can't think of anything to do? Here's some suggestions for you to get your spirits back up.

    - Break something. Yep, get an old glass plate or something and find some place safe like out in the backyard on top of a tarp or something and just break it. Breaking things for some reason makes me feel better. I love getting old computer junk and just baseball batting it. I hate computers, but they bring me money so this makes it all sweeter.

    - Exert energy. Run, jump, hit the bag, do pushups. Anything to get you to exert energy, **** masturbate to pictures of me if you have to. Get it out, and you'll feel better afterwards.

    - Play an instrument? Go play it. It doesn't sound like it, but it'll keep your mind occupied and you'll feel better afterwards.

    - Build something. It's not all about destroying things. Build something. Bust out the Legos and build something. Putting your mind on something constructive is helpful for good mental health. Build a shanty for your tools. Build something. Put your hands to work and create an empire.

    - Talk to somebody. Everyone turns into an emo fag sometimes and just needs someone to talk to and nothing else seems to work. Need someone to talk to? I'm usually on at ridiculous hours of the day on instant messenger. AIM = Sircnay and MSN = [email protected] and yahoo = [email protected]. I might talk to you, who knows.
    - do some TAI CHI! tee hee! :laughing9

    From my experiences in bike racing, proper mental state can add about 15%. I once "snapped" into place mentally in the middle of a race and started passing people one after another. This included passing my buddy who was consistently faster than me.

    I read somewhere about a study that measured the walking speed of CEO's vs. unemployed (or something like that). Just walking down the street the CEO (who you assume would be more positive than the unemployed person) was significantly faster.

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