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Golden Jonas, do you know much about a fighter out of Ft Lauderdale named Marcos Avellan? My GJJ instructor will be fighting him in January.
Both of the Avellan brothers are ADCC veterans and multiple time Grappler's Quest champions at their weight. They have strong takedowns and favor knee-up-the-middle passes and leglocks, which they are very good at (and believe me, I hand out praise for leglock skill sparingly - most guys out there still suck at them, even at higher levels of comp).

I haven't seen Marcos's debut fight, but he's certainly got more credentials as a grappler than a striker - but the boxing instructor at the Avellan's gym has serious credentials and is currently helping train Jermaine Taylor, so I wouldn't sleep on his striking, either.

I'm not sure who your instructor is, but I'd say he's got his work cut out for him.