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    Quote Originally Posted by polishillusion
    This thread is a utter failure. It embarrasses me that I made it.

    I want the video and a link to what these people have to say about Coda Scott, not a bunch of old men rambling about all this respect or anything else. The internet is not a place to search for respect. Coda Scott will not have respect here until he comes on BEGGING for it, and then repays all those he has emotionally, physically, spiritually and monetarily damaged due to his escapades into lies and deceit in the martial arts.
    We would rather think of ourselves as "Mature", not actuallly "Old", IF you dont mind.

    Thank you and God bless,,
    John Miller.

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    Look, how's about this- actually, there's no "how's about" to any of it, this is the way I'm going to try and control this travesty;

    I am closing this thread.

    When you guys back in OK- Miller, Fox, Hull, Carson, I'm looking at you- get done with this review of yours, send me an e-mail at [email protected] (good to have throw away adresses). I can either re-open this cluster-**** of a thread and put it in at the end, or one of you fine gents can make a new thread for it. Frankly I'd rather see a new thread.

    Now, in the future, please use the fine Private Messaging (PM) system that we have installed. Yes, some of you are still "n00bs" and do not have access to it, well, darn get 50 posts and you can send each other your e-mail addresses and phone numbers to your hearts' content. The thing is while we don't have any rules against posting your e-mail address or phone number into a public post you generally should not do it; various bot programs troll countless internet message boards in search of e-mail addresses and phone numbers for call lists and spam mails- for your own good just stop it. Plus tons of "e-mail me here" posts just clutter up the thread and just makes for that much more junk we have to get through.

    Furthermore, while this doesn't apply to all of you it applies to enough of you, please learn to use the handy dandy EDIT button underneath your post in the event that you want to EDIT in some further comment. I shouldn't see two posts by the same person back to back only a few minutes apart.

    And while I'm at it, damned kids- GET OFFA MY LAWN!

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