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    Seattle, WA - Combat Hapkido

    My name is Daryl and I've been training at Seattle Combat Hapkido for a while now. I can say that I really enjoy the down to earth practicality of what I'm learning there. Master Mark Hume and Instructor Roy Hance both have jobs where their lives depend on how well they defend themselves. Because of that, they only teach us in the school, what they've found that works in the field. If a technique faulters, they don't teach it.

    I've been in and out of McDojos for the past 9 years, since I couldn't find one that fit my standards. I would ask questions like "If you kick that high, doesn't it leave your groin wide open?" or "When would you actually USE that move on the street?" and I'd get shut down by the Sensei and/or kicked out. I also asked things like "How do you get out of a full nelson?" and had Senseis tell me I won't learn that until I reach some high belt level.

    When I found Seattle Combat Hapkido, it was a completely different experience. On my first night of observation, I asked the Full Nelson question, and Inst. Hance took 10 minutes to teach me all I needed to know about it before I even paid him a dime.

    I asked Hance what I would learn if I decided to train there. He said "First I gotta find out what you want. If you're wanting simply to get in shape, I'll put you through intense exercise. If you want hardcore self-defense, I'll teach you strikes, chokes, and bone-breaks. If you're a cop, security, or corrections officer, then I'll teach you Defensive Tactics. Decide what you want, and we'll go from there."

    That was a big change from being stuck in a room of 30 people hoping to get something out of the evening, all doing the same thing.

    The dojang itself is pretty small, but it's large enough for the small class size. I was pretty impressed to see Master Hume call 8 people a "big class." Every student gets a lot of personal attention, so it's fair to call the classes "semi-private."

    For the terminology junkies, here's the technical terms of what they teach:

    Close Quarters Combat based on Kwon Moo (Body Down Striking) Hapkido.

    Techniques: Punching, Kicking, Blocks, Counters, Escapes, Bonebreaking, Jointlocking, Attack Twisting, Chokes, Sparring, Takedowns, Throws, Footsweeps, Tactical/Improvised Weapons, Controls, Arresting, Groundfighting, Grappling, Breakfalling, Knife & Firearm Defense

    Theory Taught: Practicality based on body type/size, Liability of Use of Force, Threat Assessment, Nervous System Overload, Primary Target Areas, Prediction of Human Reflex, Balance Lines

    Adult Classes are 5-6pm and 7-8pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    Kids Classes are 6-7pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    If you have any questions about my experience there, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected], or e-mail Instructor Hance at [email protected].


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    * coughs *

    I was wondering if you could provide more info on some of the theory taught .
    Theory Taught: Practicality based on body type/size , Nervous System Overload , Prediction of Human Reflex
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    Are they teaching any traditional forms, katas, Karate style punches with one fist at the hip and the other fully extended, lunge punches(think Oi-zuki), and stiff low stances? Do they limit you according to your 'level'? If so they are wasting your time. If not, it may very well be worth my time.

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    How much sparring is there and under what level of contact and ruleset?


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