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Thread: Wrestling DVD's

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    Grappling rich salamone purple belt, and experienced wrestler, he's a little dude with great technique

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    Rex Kwon Do
    Darrel Gholar.

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    Dan Gable's series of videos is pretty good. Doesnt go into any great detail about particular technique but covers a wide range of techniques. Brandon Slays books are also very good. They are geared towards beginners and cover takedowns and the such very completely. John Smiths video on the low single is awesome but very specialized and probably above beginner level. All of the can be found on

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    Dan Gables Advanced Wrestling DVD, Wrestling:Systema Fundanmentals DVD- Colonel Mikhail Ryabko, Greco- Roman Wrestling- Geoff Thompson guide to throws and takedowns, A B Bands Instructional DVD this is the video they showed at BC Provincials, Freestyle Wrestling Geoff Thompson Intermediate, Escapes and Reversals: The Attitude To Get Away, Takedowns:Control the Man Control The Mat, 20 Tips For Winning On The Mat, Tom Brands Turning And Pinning To Win, Tom Brands "In Your Face" Wrestling Attacking For Success, Escapes First To The Feet, and John Smiths Set-Ups And Tie-Ups: Being Effective From Your Feet .

    I watch most of these for Off-season Training. seeings how the rules in wrestling changes every year these just help for technique, stamina and strength

    Hope this helped good luck

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    You can actually find some good instructional videos on YouTube, but you kind of have to assemble a full training video by watching smaller clips. I'll give you a basic list of techniques to learn (in order) for takedowns and takedown defense:

    1. Drop-Step
    2. Double Leg Takedown, Beginning
    3. Double Leg Takedown, Normal Finish
    4. Double Leg Takedown, Backtrip (my favorite takedown. If I had a nickel for every match this move one me back in high school, I'd have twenty-three nickels.)
    5. High Crotch (Single Leg Takedown), Beginning
    6. High Crotch, Running the Pipe
    7. High Crotch, Sweep Finish
    8. High Crotch, Crackdown, possible Crackdown to Headhunt
    9. High Crotch, Fireman's Carry

    At this point, you can pretty much just find other takedowns.

    Takedown Defense: Now note that I'm only talking about sprawls here. There are other ways to defend against a takedown, but your best bet is to sprawl.

    1. Sprawl (Complete mastery, good reflex)
    2. Sprawling to a Front Headlock
    3. Sprawling away (No formal name. It's just sprawling far away from your opponent, and pushing on their shoulders to try to keep him from getting a leg. You then try to get up before he does, and do a counter-shot. Requires lighting reflexes.)
    4. Spin-Behind
    5. Cement Mixer/Bulldog (Do not use this technique! Learn it, learn to defend against it, but don't use it. It's too easy to counter, and will not work against a good wrestler)
    6. Nearside Cradle
    7. Front Head Shuck

    Hope I've been of some help.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, if you get an instructional DVD, get one focused specifically on what you're trying to learn (takedowns). Most DVDs will spend time with breakdowns, standups, reversals, other stand-up fighting, and pinning combinations.

    Second edit: For more advanced techniques, and some basic ones, go to They have good step-by-step instructions.
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    wrestling clinic

    If your still interested in learning wrestling , visit this website , not sure where you live but we run a clinic once a month.

    cheers ,


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    Persoanlly I would not buy anything from Geoff Thompson. I've got his book on Greco Roman Wrestling Guide to Throws and Takedowns and his Judo book. He is big on stories and talk and low on substance. I know he has alot of experiance as a boncer but that book will not teach you how to do effective wrestling throws.

    I'm telling you know, there is no easy way out of it. If you want quality wrestling instruction, find a Qualified Wrestling coach or someone who has Wrestled as a competitive level. You cannot effectively learn what is being demonstrated through a book or DVD. You may learn the basic idea of a Double leg or Firemans carry but you need to practice with people who know what they are doing. If you are out of Highschool don't go to a school and ask to train there. You will look like an idiot. Just find an outside club.

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    In San Francisco, Darren Uyenoyama at Fight and Fitness will teach adults. He is a brown belt in bjj and also a no gi competitor who did very well at the FILA trials in Vegas last month. I believe his rates for private lessons are posted at

    Actually what I like about Darren is the fact that he will teach "counter wrestling," basically wrestling for bjj players who need enough basics to survive an encounter with a former high school wrestler. Though in order to counter wrestling, you first have to learn some wrestling basics.

    In Los Angeles, Brian at Big John's Academy will teach adults. He's also a brown belt in jiu jitsu I believe, and is a former college wrestling coach. He is also a no gi competitor who did well at at the FILA trials in Vegas. Brian's resume isn't up on the website yet at the academy's website,

    Those are the only two resources I have experience with. The coach at San Jose State in California (in San Jose, natch) offered to let me attend his college training classes, but that "you'll look like an idiot" thing held me back.

    Yeah I know you asked about DVD's and I went down that route a little, with one DVD, but there is no substitute for a trainer.

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