I mentioned a while ago on the normal bullshido boards that, thanks to the help of some bullshido members, we got mixed martial arts club at Penn State. Currently the only instruction the school pays for is bjj, but we're working on including striking-oriented work as well.

Anyway, one of the things I'm trying to do for next semester to raise interest is to get some trips together to see professional matches. But I have to plan way in advance and I'm trying to make it as affordable as possible.

So, I was wondering if there were any competitions held near us you guys new about that you would recommend/like us to come out and support as spectators. We're in a satalite campus (Berks County) so travel as far out as Philly is feasable. I'm looking for things on my own but I figured you guys might be able to help out a bit. Also, fighters in the area who want a little more in the cheering section may not mind our presence.

Thanks in advance.