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I dunno dude, that glove with the upholstery tacks is kinda weak. I mean, you'd have to hit the guy about a hundred times for him to eventually die from blood loss.
I think the idea is less for causing lethal injury, and more for causing facial fuckupedness. Get into the clinch, put the back of your hand against his face and grind.

The combs with the razor blades is new to me, but it seems overly complicated and somewhat ineffective. I mean, it would certainly cut, but not terribly deep. You'd have to get the guy in the neck for sure.
Yeah, poor design choices, but there's an important distinction here: slashing shivs are defensive in nature, stabbing shivs are offensive. If someone is getting outnumbered, outflanked, out-whatevered, slashing all over the place is an effective way of making room - nobody wants to just put their hand into your range.