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    University of Kentucky Shaolin-Do Club

    As I have no reference in terms of how to organize a review for this site, I'll borrow one of the more attractive reviews that I've seen and revise it for our system:

    The University of Kentucky Shaolin-Do club teaches, as obvious as it may be, Shaolin-Do. It is a student organization so it is technically (by UK regulations) restricted to UK students, employees and other affiliated persons. Although I, personally, would welcome others to visit, regardless.

    It is instructed by a several first degree black belts, with the senior-most having over 13 years of martial arts experience and training, and having trained many of his assistant instructors.

    Classes are run to a rough schedule that varies often:

    20 minutes of warm ups and stretching, including partner stretching and very light conditioning.
    10-30 minutes of technique drilling
    20-50 minutes of work on forms or other planned drilling.
    10-20 minutes sparring

    Now I'm going to justify the scores I've given, as they provide a simple template to expand on the important parts.

    Aliveness: 5

    Light contact (~25-50% force) sparring with minimal padding (only a cup) and partner drills are often done in class, as is bag work, periodically.

    Equipment: 5

    Weapons are mostly provided, as are bags for bag-work. Other equipment is also available in the weapons locker, however much of the equipment is old.

    Also the dojo floor is padded and has a mirror, although I'm not sure where this would go.

    Gym-size: 8

    Given the typical size of a class, there's more than enough room in the martial arts dojo. There's definitely enough room for a class of 8-9 students.

    Instructor Student ratio: 10

    The class is saturated with black belt instructors and, often, there are two black-belt instructors per student. Although, when lots of students show up, the ratio turns around to two students per black belt, which is still good.

    This class has been around for a long time, and, hence, has a lot of black belts that call it home.

    Atmosphere: 9

    It's a student organization and the members are almost all quite genial. Many of the members of the club are friends outside of the organization and I, for one, remember people that drop by, even if it's just for a few classes.

    The only reason that I don't give the club a rating of a 10 is that the general attitude of the class is rather lazy, in my opinion, and, hence, tends to slow down the class.

    Striking Instruction: 7

    The class teaches a number of moves, kicks, punches, and standard blocking. The strikes are taught, initially, with the aid of a bag to ensure that they are being performed correctly.

    Also elbow and knee strikes are taught during some bag-bashing classes, as are a variety of more unusual strikes.

    Also, clenching is taught via lock/off-balance/throw oriented "sticky-hands", which is primarily performed as a feeling/sensitivity drill.

    Grappling training: 3

    Throws and sweeps are taught in the class at various levels, and they simply transition to a knee-on position in a rather orthodox style. However, periodically, some of the upper belts will get together (unofficially) and practice Judo ne-waza and jiu-jitsu "rolling" to supplement their stand-up training.

    Weapons: 2

    Weapons are introduced at yellow belt and taught in parallel with empty-hand techniques/forms. However, the weapons are trained purely in the context of forms and techniques and without any alive training.

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