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    Quote Originally Posted by rw4th
    I read a study online that said that smoking pole in a back alley for $50 releases endorphins and causes a euphoric feeling.
    Uhhhh, dude, that guy lied to you, that wasn't endorphins being released........get some listerine. :brushteet

    But I guess it really depends whose pole we're talking about here, and which alley. Its all about location really. And dude you got fifty bucks? WTF?

    In all seriousness the arnica really will help.

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    To aid the healing process, I really suggest increasing your simple protein intake, and soaking your hands nightly in epsom salts and water as hot as you can comfortably take for around 15 minutes. The salts are like a muscle relaxant and will relieve tension in your hands which will help you with some of the pain.

    Also, I reccommend taking around 200mg of advil or Motrin IB per day to keep down swelling and aid in your healing process. If you're under 150lbs, take it in two doses over the day, otherwise it's safe to take it all at once.

    The advil is mostly going to just make it easier to work and use your hands without alot of pain and risk of injury, the epsom salts are more essential to your healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2bjj
    Of course, it could be the onset of arthritis- just because you want to hit the heavy bag, doesn't mean you should. But hey, keep pounding away- you probably don't need your hands for anything important, right? From a guy with aching joints.
    It does but not for you...

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