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    people on heroin usually just want you to go away so they may keep being high in peace - I don't think i've ever met someone who was physically agitated while on heroin. now, TRYING TO GET MORE heroin, that can make a guy act like a dick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnp
    You rolled hard with a hurt shoulder? You're just all kinds of genius, huh kid?

    I could be wrong, but did you mean oxycontin? I've never heard of oxycodone. Sounds like a cross between hydrocodone and oxycontin.
    I have a bottle of oxycodone(empty now). I think its the generic version of oxycontin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViCious
    the people i've seen do H never seemed to get sleepy to the point where they wouldn't be able to fight if punched in the face. i mean... i'd usually go the club with them and they'd dance with girls and such... they never "just sat around."
    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    Ok, so you've seen people administer heroin, that must be bought off the street then. So, my questions are these..

    Are you a qualified chemist?
    Did you or those taking the drug test it before using it?

    You cannot escape the fact that heroin is a depressant and a very effective one at that, anyone taking the substance is not going to be charged with energy afterwards. If those people you've associated with were 'energised' by the effects of the drug it was either not heroin or it was cut with a stimulant of some description. Heroin alone does not stimulate the body otherwise it would be pretty useless in its legal forms as the derivative of morphine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViCious
    1. poor fiction? why would i lie? .

    Because you are a liar?
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    Crazy ass people that get on opiates and then is this? Peace not war when you're nodding!
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