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    lol my Krav Maga school is awesome... They blend Krav Maga with MMA soooo well... In regular KM classes we are constantly working reaction drills in full fight gear... where you basically stand eyes closed... and get "snuck" (sucker punched), tackled, headlocked... whatever... and you have to fight with a FULLY resisting attacker...

    When we spar we don't just "box" (though we do normal 3/5 minute rounds), we also work short timed rounds... ten second and switch partners so you don't take your time, you try to cause as much damage as possible as quickly as possible... or if you start mounted you have ten second to get to your feet before others come in kicking you... or working the principals of trying to deal with multiples (moving to keep one in front of the other... or trying to get to the actual exit door of the class) with fully resisting opponents.

    there is also a Relson Gracie Black belt that teaches a seperate (but students are told they should try to go) submission wrestling class, an incredible judo instructor, a seperate San Da (kickboxing with takedowns) class...

    i do hear of KM schools that aren't as intense... but sadly you'll find that with most martial arts... some good, some not as good...

    but the SYSTEM of Krav Maga is great. i'm just sad to hear there are instructors who can't teach a great system, well.
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