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    Banned for failing to live up to the standards he expected of others and wasting more time on calling out forum military members' credentials than he spent in his own military career. Bullshido Newbie
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    Yes, its everywhere, Taekwondo is turning the world into a worse place. I believe it has more to do with The Olympics than any other thing. When it became a Olympic Sport countries became spending money and the Koreans saw even more opertunity to make money.

    Its shocking how many Taekwando schools you can find in places like the Philippines and Thailand. Just the other day I saw a bunch of Thai Kids wearing their TK uniforms at A 7/11 store in the middle of nowhere. It was the same in the PI, The Arnis school I went to was a little used and filthy place and the TK kids were sponsered by the government and given access to A first class sports stadium.

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    Well, ar549 is in Thailand and apparently practices his form of Bullshido there, so we KNOW Thais aren't immune.

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