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    MMA week I am in Indiana, PA Monday, tuesday, and wednesday. I am available for evening rolling on those days. Anybody in southwest PA???

    And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.

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    A bit late, but still...
    If you ever venture to the vicinity of The City Of Dope, drop by Baltimore Judo Club.
    I'm there Mo, Fri religiously and Wed, Sat occasionally. On a good day we'll have 3-4 shodans working out. Mat fee is $8 and there's free beer one random Friday every month.

    Take care


    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper
    Here is the long and short of it:

    I have a new job that has me travelling 3-5 days most weeks. I have noticed that this makes formal training rather difficult and non-cost-effective. So here is my plan.

    Bullies along the eastern seaboard tell me where you train, and if I am in that area, I show up andlet you hurt me. I am willing to pay for this as well, make no mistake. The goal is for me to continue training as mucha s circumstances permit, and as a aside benefit, train in many different styles and philosphies. I don't care what you do, as long as it is alive, and will provide me with a good workout.

    I will then review your school for Bullshido and say nice things (or not) about where you train and what you do. We will call it:

    "Scrapper's world tour"

    It'll be fun.

    Next week looks like I will be back in KC so I know where to train there, after that I will probably be in Indiana, Pennsylvania. If you are withing reasonable driving distance from IUP (under 45 minutes) post here and I will come and traina t your place!

    This could be really cool if people do help me out!

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