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    I was recently is search of a source for some entry moves into a variety of submissions. One person on usenet suggested that I purchase a copy of the "Fighters Notebook". So I went a to a web site that was selling it and read all the gleaming accolades about it being akin to the Library of Congress for submission move.

    Well I'm not a believer yet. So has anyone actually had a look at this binder straight from the "Burning Bush"? If so was it worth the ~$60?

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    Its worth it man. I've had mine for years now. you'll REALLY be surprised at just how many moves are in this book. It comes in a binder and has everything from striking to drills but its mostly grappling and submissions/escapes. I got mine from NAGA a while ago for only $40 but if $60 is the price nowadays then I'd pay it.

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