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    KO-101 Dallas, TX

    School Information:

    Bill Flowers: Former professional boxer and kickboxer. IBC Light Heavyweight Champion
    Jerry Byers: http://familymartial.com/index.php?o...d=49&Itemid=56 (Bio at bottom of page)

    This gym has two main components:
    1. Competitive Boxing Program
    2. Cardio Kickboxing

    1. Competitive Boxing Program:
    Coach: Jerry Byers
    This class meets five times a week, for 1.5 hours per class. This class is meant to mainly train boxers
    who wish to compete. (Their team regularly competes: Golden Gloves, etc)

    However, this class appears to be open to anyone who wishes to train at a competitive level.

    Aliveness: 7

    Example Class Activities:
    - Emphasis: Boxing Technique
    - General boxing instruction.
    - Drills, sparring, some cardio.
    - Aliveness during sparring and drills: Students are paired off according to skill and size. Advanced fighters wear headgear and gloves.
    Beginner students wear only gloves.
    - All students are required to wear mouthpiece and cup.

    2. Cardio Kickboxing:
    Coach: Bill Flowers
    Emphasis: Cardio, Core Strength, Kickboxing
    This class meets three times a week, for one hour per class.
    This class is meant for:
    - Core strength.
    - Fitness and conditioning.
    - Kickboxing and boxing technique.
    - Cardio conditioning for multiple fight rounds.

    Aliveness: 5

    Equipment and Gym Facility:
    7000 square feet
    Fully air conditioned.
    Mats are clean. The building itself is fairly new and in very good condition.
    Full ring.
    12 Bag stations: Speed bags, slip bags, heavy bags, wrecking balls, maize bags.
    The equipment is all fairly new and in good condition.
    Separate locker room and restrooms for men and women.

    Class Detail:

    (Note: I have only officially attended Cardio Kickboxing. Coach Byers has let me sit in
    on competitive Boxing classes.)

    Cardio Kickboxing Class:

    First half of class is cardio/ core:
    Meant to keep cardio during several fight rounds.
    Crunches, Leg Lifts, Scissor Legs, Push ups, Plank holds, Medicine ball pass, Lunges, High Knees, Kick/punch combinations.

    Second half of class is Kickboxing/Boxing drills:
    Heavy bag, Speed bag, Corner drills, paired-student compliant kickshield drills. There are also sometimes non-compliant striking/kicking drills and light sparring.

    Facts about me: (To provide review context)
    - I have been attending this gym for the last four months.
    - I have no previous martial arts training.
    - Before choosing this gym, I did a lot of internet research on martial arts in general, martial arts schools in general, and local martial arts schools.
    Bullshido was very helpful in my research.
    - Before deciding on this gym, I attended a free class at this school, and a free class at Guy Metzger's gym.

    My experience:
    I am very happy with this gym, and I highly recommend it. My goal was to learn to box, lose weight, and generally become more fit. I chose the cardio class, as I have no previous martial arts training. I wanted to learn the basics (correctly) with some level of aliveness, and increase aliveness as I progressed, and this program has been excellent. I have lately begun to spar with Coach Flowers.

    The class sizes are generally small, and all other students I have met have been very friendly and reasonable. Most of the students vary from complete beginner to highly advanced (in both fitness and martial arts training). The veteran students have always been very helpful and welcoming to the newer students.

    The coaches are both former professional fighters, and they are both very likable. They have always been willing to spend time after class answering questions and assisting with technique.
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