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    Enshin New York

    Enshin is a Kyokushin offshoot, with a similar training method. Enshin's major difference is the concept of Sabaki, which stresses using angles and blindspots in fighting, and alllowing grabbing, throws and limited clinching in the tournaments.

    The school itself is run out of an aerobics room in a gym on Long Island. Classes usually run the gamut from the usual karate line drills to hard contact sparring. We'll do everything from compliant drills to pad work and bagwork.

    Here is a video of my instructor Falcon Sahin at the NJ Sabaki Challenge, he is the one who doesn't get knocked out.\?doc...835222502325&q
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    I've watched one of his classes and have to say its the only hard karate I've seen or would consider training at in Long Island. Class size was small and I imagine its because Falcon dosen't BS. He seems to teach in order to make Enshin fighters, not to make money.


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