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    Savannah, GA - Savannah Taekwondo

    This isn't just a Tae kwon do academy, there is a seperate Muay Thai class and also a great MMA class. I'm currently enrolled in the MMA class. I've only been training for a few months, so my review should be taken as that.

    The MMA class is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Tuesday and Thursday times are from 7:30pm to 10ishpm. Class ends soemtime between 10pm & 10:30pm. Sunday is from 1PM to 3:30pm.

    This is a No-Gi class. Although, Mr. Doug is Japanese and it's their tradition to have the Gi. The Gi is only worn when we bow in, warm up, stretching out after class, and bowing out. There is nothing religious about the bowing, just respect.

    I love training here. Everyone is cool, there are occasional air heads, but everyone that's devoted are great. Currently we're focusing more on Judo, Wrestling, and Jujitsu. We also do striking, but haven't started sparring just yet. Mr. Doug does a great job of making sure you understand what is going on, and is very patient.

    We have 4 heavy bags hanging, and plenty of mat space. On a full night, 10+ people, it can get kinda crowded on the mats. On average we have anywhere from 5 - 8 people.

    Our workouts are very intense, with a big focus on cardio. So, if you're looking to just get in shape, then this is definitely a great choice.

    Below are some pictures of our gym. Keep in mind, these pictures are old.

    - those mats have been replaced since.
    - the side you see without mats is now matted.
    http://www.ironspiritpromotions.com/thaikick.JPG - this corner is also matted.
    http://www.ironspiritpromotions.com/2.JPG - view from near the back of the room looking to the front.
    http://www.ironspiritpromotions.com/me&sensei.JPG - picture of our instructor. There is a heavy Thai bag also hanging.

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    Cool. I used to live in Savannah a few years back and I know exactly where this is (I think).


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