Jul 28 2003

By Rod Chaytor And Aidan Mcgurran

THE burglar shot by Tony Martin is set to drop his claim for damages, his family claimed yesterday. Brendon Fearon, 33, will abandon his 15,000 lawsuit against the farmer within the next few days. His brother, Joe, said: "Brendon is not claiming a penny. His mum and dad are ill and all this is killing them. "People will find out soon he's not claiming a thing any more. It will be official in a couple of days. I swear on my kids' lives - you can publish that."

Fearon was freed on Friday from a jail sentence imposed for supplying heroin. He is under a 7pm-7am curfew but got back to his home in Newark, Notts, with seconds to spare yesterday evening. He refused to comment on his legal bid against Martin. But his brother added: "Brendon doesn't want anything from him. He doesn't want to set a precedent for burglars. He's going to see his solicitor and tell him to drop the case." Fearon was given the go-ahead last month to seek damages for the injuries and alleged trauma he suffered in the burglary on Martin's home four years ago in which accomplice Fred Barras was shot dead.

Fearon claimed his wounds had left him unable to practise his martial arts hobbies and ruined his sex life. _headline=-FREEDOM-DAY-FOR-JAILED-FARMER--I-WON-T-SUE-MARTIN-name_page.html