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    matt furey and tony checchine

    sup everyone..im new here so im not sure if any of these frauds are talked about on here so feel free to put an end to this thrad and send me the link if it exists. Anyway im sick of furey acting like hes such a badass with his fake claims and overpriced material on catch wrestling and full page ads. as for checchine hes just as bad but claims he is superior to all which in my opinion...even if you are a fake isnt a very smart marketing scheme. Since this is my first post i figured i start out strong..because i am sick of the bull in martial arts.

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    just use the search function if your not sure if a topics been covered.

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    I think you were looking for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Das Moose
    I think you were looking for this.
    I so thought that was gonna be the "Posting and YOU" flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Greatest Post Ever
    Are you looking for techniques that will ensure your security in any situation? Are you worried that your current training will not prepare you for the reality of prison gang rape?

    Then you need only order one instructional tape to become impervious to "Bubba" when he's got that look of lust in his eye.

    Nat Queerey's recent discoveries in Catch-Ass-Catch-in-the-Can-Can Wrestling will give your sphincter the strength of ten men's asshole's. Learn the lost techniques developed by Snarl Snatch while he was incarcerated in San Francisco for solicitation of buggery.

    Many people say they prefer "Pitch-Cock" wrestling to "Catch-Ass" wrestling, claiming it is less dirty, unsafe, and painful, but with Snarl Snatch's unbeatable, unprecidented techniques, you will be truly invincible. When you have finished watching this tape, I guarantee, you will fully understand how to *rip men's penises clean off with one clench of the sphincter.

    Never worry about prison rape again.

    Simply send $499 to Nat Queerey at:

    1234 Davie St.
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    F4G 6T9
    I hope this helps...


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