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    First of all, I would like to say that my experience with trying to find a school that teaches SOLID grappling in my town (Macon Ga) was a pain in the ass. Of the various TKD and Karate schools in my area (one of which I happen to be a member of) I found 3 which seriously focused on grappling. I won't go into any details but long story short, I settled on Team Praxis. Now on with the review...

    The Place:

    Team Praxis operates out of Wilkerson's Karate for Kid's (which actually teaches ATA TKD). On a side note they also have a gym in Griffin Ga which I haven't been to so I'll omit any reviews at this time. Its not a gigantic place by any means but it gets the job done. Standard mats, discount offers on the wall, shrine dedicated to General Choi, yada yada yada


    No problems here. A few wavemasters, boxing gloves, focus mits, electronic timer, NooBs (lol just kidding)....all the basic components to help people get ready to kick ass and take names.


    In the Macon School, classes are taught by Cam McHargue, an experienced fighter with numerous wins to his credit. (If you ever fight this guy, never give him your leg! He has a nasty heel hook and he's not afraid to use it). Assisting him are a few guys (active fighters themselves) who show up when they can. Mr. Wilkerson also helps on occasion (doesn't fight but man is he tough to submit! I've been there for 5 months and I still can't tap him out).


    Training is, well, how should I put it? EXTREMELY informal...Most of the time everybody shows up at 8:00 starts rolling and if we have any questions we ask Cam. Occasionally Cam will start the night by showing us a new counter, submission etc. and have us work on that. All in all I think its kind of cool. The first couple of weeks I went there he really made sure I had the basics down (trap/bridge/roll, shrimp, gaurd) before I got into anything technical.

    Training isn't limited to grappling however. Cam also works with others on their standup and clinchwork. Takedowns are also reviewed in depth.

    Because of the normally informal classes intesity is as high as you want it to be. As for myself, I feel like a chump if I dont work myself to the bone.


    Classes are held twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 8-11 pm


    The Team Praxis record speaks for itself. With a training system that encourages aliveness and self-motivation, Team Praxis consistently turns out good fighters who can win.
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    This would have been a kick ass review if you rated it.


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