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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Stone
    Watch the videos on his website.

    On the first page (, near the bottom, there's a video of Soke Reggie waving his hands about, posing, and eventually getting winded from doing very little.
    Looking at the background in the video, I think the video was made in his room at home.

    The only exception to this rule is the Founder presents a ("Ninjitsu or Ninjutsu Organization Founder Certificate")!

    3. Black Dragon Ninjitsu Society;

    I found that on his website, I thought the ninjas had something to do with this.:ninjafigh

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    His name is hoover ? He must sucked ! :la:

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    Reggie's videos

    This thread has perhaps gone cold now; but members may still be amused to watch Reggie's offerings on Youtube. One picture is worth a thousand words:

    YouTube - Dragon Kenpo Karate Consortium International

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    His choice of head gear is priceless...

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    Hey, it is getto fu!

    Man, he gets winded during that short vid of blocks and hand he that outta shape?

    Please tell me that he is a 10th degree soke/grandmaster/professor/doctor in his own art!

    I'll sleep better at night knowing that it is the same old bullshit, just different packaging.

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    What a freak!

    Also in the first video is it me or are the "Eagles Talon" and the "Dragon's Claw" identical?

    Plus the "Snake Finger Fist" is fucking awesome. I use that one every time I type!

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    Soke Reggie

    Same old bullshit, same old bucket. :laughing6 This lean, mean fighting machine is not only a tenth dan, but a tenth dan several times over - awarded by the prestigious International Combat Martial Arts Unions Association. So sleep well, chalkieusa; all is well and the kids are safe.

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    Greetings to all,
    My name is Rodney Lacey and I am mentioned in Hoovers list.
    I have never awarded/given any title/rank etc. And I have asked him years ago to remove the entry and he said he would.
    We were part of the same organization (where he was recognized as a 1st Dan) and he emailed saying that he had received rank from another organization and he was wondering what rank title to use with it. I told him it didn't matter to me and that he could call himself anything he wanted to.
    So I guess in some persons eyes that means I gave him a rank.
    I am so tired of the title bs, when he agreed to take down his entry I told him he could call himself the GrandPoohBear of WhoGivesAShit for all I care but to leave my name out of it.
    If he ever steps up to the challenge given (and he won't) Have fun with him and try not (?) to hurt him to badly.

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    As my teacher once told me "you will fine more grandmasters and 10th degrees in the US currently than there have ever existed in asia"
    Anyone, and I mean anyone, claiming 10th Dan should raise the red flag. They may be legit but the odds are against it.
    Real rank is not certified or sanctioned.

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