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    Some more gun self-defense on Youtube. I have never heard of Farang Mu Sul before I guess it's some form of filipino MA. These are gun self defense techniques, and in every single one of them I know I would have shot them before they did any of these techniques (and I don't use guns). Comments?


    Id say korean- The F sound sometimes replaces the H- so you could also pernounce that hwarang- mu sul i think is like saying bushido or budo i think

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    I'd say this is where the true fighting art of "pre-emptive striking" comes into play.

    I've been held at gunpoint twice, and both times it was more than one person doing the mugging.

    Once was with two guys, and each had a gun, and the other time was with a whole bunch of kids, and only one showed a gun.

    I was not about to try anything out in either case.

    If it was one on one, it depends how suicidal I felt.

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