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    Quote Originally Posted by PPlate
    Have you ever seen anyone using an axe kick to effect a KO?
    Saw a guy win the East Midlands All Style Krotty Championships in about 1989 using (exclusively- I **** you not) axe kicks. It was a semi contact points tournament (there had to be realistic contact, no more, no less).
    He was about 6'6", 240lbs and won his three fights with axe kicks. One of the guys was knocked out, another was hit so hard his eyes bled (I think actually his nose burst and some errant blood ended up in his eyes, but it looked like his eyes were bleeding) and the guy in the final got axe-kicked twice and "twisted his ankle". I really don't blame him.
    There were only two weight categories, 150-something and below, and 150 something and above. Two of the guys he beat were about 160-180lbs and the one whose eyes he made bleed was about 200, but short and stocky.
    To be fair to Mr Axeman, he was quick and he managed to land a technique that everyone was expecting, but the fights were so mis-matched, he could have won using any ranged kick; no-one could get close to him.
    Also, he was fighting krotty guys.
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    I used to train with a guy who used a variation between an ax and spinning hook kick. He'd spin with the foot up near head level, then chop at a diagonal downward angle into the thigh with the heel. You'd think spinning hook kick to the head so you might guard high, then get hit in the leg. Its a very painful kick if it lands. It feels kind of like the inward heel kick to the outside of the thigh you sometimes see.

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    The only time I ever had an axe kick land on me during TKD was as much my fault as it was his dumb luck. Regardless, it did prove to me the effectiveness, though I've never tried using it in a similiar situation. It would require some form of precognition I suspect.

    Basically the situation was we were doing FC sparring (2 min rounds, points scored but you continued on until rounds ended or what not) ... anyways I did a spinning wheel kick and he dropped an axe kick RIGHT onto the side of my hip as I was raising my leg up to hit. It must have hit a nerve or something because my whole leg went dead immediately and they had to call the sparring match. I was told to 'walk it off' and about 30 minutes later was free to resume sparring. To this DAY I remember how painful that was; and that it was the only practical application for an axe kick I've seen (aside from the 'doubled over enemy needs spine broken' application).

    So yeah, if they're doubled up and need their spine broken - axe kick. Or if they are throwing a spinning kick and you have ungodly speed/timing or sheer good luck, throw an axe kick. Take it from experience, it's a fight ender. I had NO will to fight after that hit.

    ** funny side note. I found out YEARS later that the guy who works in the next cube was actually the guy who did that. He's put on alot of weight and changed his hairstyle so I didn't notice it was him. But he found out after I told that same story he was like.. "that was you?" heh

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