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    Yeah, I was trying to win the dojo reviews contest.

    I guess I lost.

    Anyway, if you want to know about this school, they have plenty to say.

    scroll on down.
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    "Looked mean enough"

    I'm not sure how to take this post. My name is Dale Isaacs and I teach the class in which Shane says "The new instructor was a big guy, and looked mean enough, so I stayed." I'm not sure which class he attended. I have a blue belt from Royce Gracie and a black belt in Bujinkan Taijutsu. I have been active in amateur wrestling since 1985. Our classes are 2 hours long and usually have 90 minutes of training and 30 minutes of live wrestling. We do not train in a gi, and I have never taught a "ninjutsu" class at Gambrel's. I will not argue if Shane says that he was there on a day when we were playing with a katana. There have been a couple of times when other students have asked about taijutsu and we have done some demonstration and participation activities with the sword as well as other days when we did some escrima training with padded sticks and fencing helmets. It's about having FUN and working hard.

    One clarification, I do not study under a "secret teacher" for Bujinkan. His name is Kevin Schneider and he is based out of Northeran Kentucky, near Cincinnati.

    Here is my challenge: Shane come back and try it again, there will be no charge. The class is not a secret, just not advertised. WE TRAIN ON TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 6PM. If you show up Shane, I will give you my undivided attention.

    Also, our guys have competed in several local organizations: including Ruffman, elite cage fighting, and ultimate fighting indiana. We have won and lost in each of them, but our wins outnumber our loses.

    Dale Isaacs
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    Master Donald Gambrel

    I wish to reply to Christina ( shane ellis) about his or her supposed membership in my school. I do not recall ever having a Christina take a free month of classes at my school. We do offer 2 weeks free and sometimes give out free month passes. We are not afraid to show what and how we teach TKD. If Christina or Shane did not like our classes, why did he or she put in the enitre free month?
    As to testing, we do not or have ever had an 11 year old girl test for Black Belt.
    If Mr. Ellis did not like my school fine. I do not try to please everyone. We try to keep a family freindly classroom and if Christina (Shane) did not fit in, that is all right with us.


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