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    Protecting an Injured Rib and avoidind breaks while rolling

    So a few days ago in my second MMA class I was rolling and when my partner swept from guard to mount and settled on my chest I heard/felt a cracking sound in my chest, on the side of my ribcage which had been a bit tender a few days ago. Well, feeling no pain at that point I finished the match (I evetually got RNC'd after a pretty hilarious series of reversals). But once I went to get a drink I felt a fairly sharp pain in my ribs and since then I have come to suspect that I broke or fractured one of my ribs.

    Anyway, I'll be taking tylenol or advil for the next while because it's quite painful, and I'll try to limit my weight training to bodyweight exercise and no abwork, but I was wondering; is there anything I can do when I eventually go back to class to protect my ribs? Is there a rib brace or something I can wear? Are there any weight exercises that strengthen the ribs (as the bench press is said to strengthen the bones of the upper arm, etc.)?

    Should I focus on strong pectoral and back muscles to reinforce my chest, or do ab work? What's the best route here?

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    Well, if your worried about blows to the ribs, it would be in your best interest to work your core, your lats, and your serratus. The serratus, also known as the boxers muscle, is the muscle under your armpit that runs from your armpit, to where your ribs meet your abdominals. If you are unfamilliar with this muscle, it looks much like ribs that bulge out from below your armpit. Working the serratus may help slightly, but will not be very effective against heavy blows to the ribs.

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    Go see a doctor now!

    Training with a major injury = stupid.

    There's a difference between contnuing training with a light sprain or broken (tapped) fingers and a broken rib !!!

    Don't try to act tough as you will suffer later. A broken rib that is hit hard can puncture the lungs you know....
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