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    UFC on

    I think this is the first time i've seen anything regarding combat sports on the homepage, of course it starts out talking about politics. :(

    Sylvia on the potential to fight Fedor:
    "I want to fight Fedor. We're the two champs, we're the two best in the world in our weight class. I want to prove I'm the best."

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    I fully support him in his right to choose how to end his life.

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    Lil Alex will head to the UFC and beat him first.

    I am however, confident he'll defeat Vera next week.

    Oh, and this was refreshingly funny from the Fox Sports Desk.

    FOX has long been on the MMA bandwagon. The Best Damn Sports Show, Period was the first cable show to regularly feature MMA stars once the UFC got back on cable pay-per-view. FSN airs PRIDE and IFL; UFC is on FOX Sports on Espanol.
    I couldn't tell you why our online and television competitors don't cover MMA, especially when the big one makes time for boxing, kickboxing, and K-1 (not to mention spelling bees, tiddlywinks, and hour after hour after endless excruciating hour of sportswriters screaming cliches at each other).
    As for newspapers, many newspaper editors are creatures of habit and can be slow to adapt to changing times, which may in part explain why it sometimes seems like no one reads newspapers anymore. How many papers still have greyhound or horse racing listings? How many people actually follow either of those sports anymore? One legitimate point about newspaper coverage regards the 10 p.m. Eastern start time to most pay per views. If a newspaper needs to roll off the press at midnight and the main event doesn't get started until 12:15, it won't make the next day's paper.
    Still, things are slowly changing. It seems with each UFC PPV, there is another major newspaper on board. Most papers of note in the Southwest, including the Los Angeles Times, are starting to give the sport regular coverage. And, you might have noticed that the ignorant, trashy "this is human cockfighting"-type stories seem to be finally vanishing from the media landscape. So things have improved, even if it is incremental.

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    Monson will fucking own him.

    Anarchy, FTW

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    I never liked Tim Sylvia, he's never really impressed me as being particularly skilled. I was hoping for a Monson victory before I heard Sylvia popping off, but now I really want Monson to take this.
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