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    Nonviolent martial arts camp at FSU this weekend
    Ki-Aikido popular with senior citizens

    Saturday, July 26, 2003

    Heath E. Combs
    Times-News Staffwriter

    FROSTBURG — The first time Tom Mundell put his weeks old Ki-Aikido training into action, a co-worker was strangling him with his necktie. Mundell didn’t know at the time that fighting the man’s grip on the tie was a violation of Ki-Aikido principles. The nonviolent martial art is not about fighting, his instructor informed him, but rather is about not being hurt by attackers. He was told the proper reaction would have been to lower himself to relieve pressure on the tie.

    Mundell will provide instruction at the Maryland Ki Society’s annual summer camp this weekend at Frostburg State University. He said the camp provides an opportunity for students to gain new perspective on Ki-Aikido from visiting instructors and students. Toni Tumoni, a society representative, said students of the nonviolent martial arts program attempt to avoid hurting or being hurt when attacked. She said the society believes Ki-Aikido can help reduce stress by instilling confidence that an attacker can be fought off. Mundell, 6 feet 3 inches tall, and a first degree Ki-Aikido black belt, said his height and weight do not make him subject to many attacks. But, he said, intent is on personal protection, not on injury.

    “The intent is on lead(ing) them to where they can’t harm us,” said Mundell. But, he said, Ki-Aikido doesn’t assure that the attacker won’t be injured while an attack is deflected. He said he knows an Aikidoist who pinned a man under a car who had tried to steal her purse. “You don’t have to run away and you don’t have to fight it,” said Mundell. Tumoni said many people are drawn to Ki-Aikido because aging brings a calmer, gentler quality to personality. Ki-Aikido becomes more appealing than the kicking and punching of karate, or the slamming and throws of judo, she said. Mundell shares that sentiment. “I was looking for something I could do into my 80s and 90s,” said Mundell.

    Mundell said the Ki-Aikido camp won’t have kicks, flying or board and bone breaking. The camp teaches principles and skills they expect anyone can learn, with enough patience, he said. Watching a busy co-worker die in his office made Ki-Aikido even more alluring to Mundell because he wanted to avoid a stressful lifestyle and “stress can cause bodily harm to you over a period of time.”

    More information on the camp is available at (301) 871-9155.
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    " fighting the man’s grip on the tie was a violation of Ki-Aikido principles"

    Perhaps dying is a better alternative.

    “stress can cause bodily harm to you over a period of time.”


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    dude sign me up. This sounds waaaaaaaaaay more practical than all the MMA stuff I've been doing.

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    Typical of a certain style and mindset within the Aikido world....

    My only real problem with it, is the use of the term "Martial Art"! It's just like...false advertising or something<img src=icon_smile_sad.gif border=0 align=middle>

    If they called it a physical/spiritual discipline like Yoga, really soft non-martial Tai Chi and meditation, I would have no problem with it....

    Still, I am worried when things like this give inexperienced people & kids a false sense of security. Also the thought of paying at least $60-100/month with options to travel to seminars, costing who knows what $100, for what, to be told that the best thing to do is to transfer your KI to your feet and runaway...

    I am starting to believe that there are many better options to learn similiar stuff (I've been doing Aikido for a year). Actually, during BJJ training today, my instructor pinned me with a wrist pin called Ikkyo - it's the first Aikido immobiliation. Of course, I couldn't do that move on him, let alone anyone else there, no way, not with only Aikido training.

    Aikido needs to modernise, get some sparring in it, and minimilise the spirituality and stuff...IMHO. The above is depressing...

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    Aikido was designed with spirituality/pacifism in mind! The idea is for the tori and uke to "work together" thus both can grow. If you wantto see what the MA that was diluted into aikido by O'sensi looks like try aikijujitsu

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    Damn, and people actually attend that camp? Must be run by a bunch of flower children left over from the 60's.

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