So, I injured my back years ago when I was in the service and haven't seriously trained since. It was lower back, I had an L5 S1 microdiscectomy and laminectomy.

Now mind you I'm not a completey out of shape but my endurance definately sucks. So
I'm considering joining a serious kickboxing gym so I recently started some rope work. After fumbling and smacking myself in the back of the head a few times I finally got a rythm going then my calves locked up. Hurt alot and pissed me off combined with the fact that I whipped the **** out of my back with the rope while falling. I'm pretty physical at my job so it kinda suprised me, I'm a Catapillar mechanic so I jump up and down on big machinery all the time. Thankfully I have not experienced and nerve pain stype sciatic pain and haven't had a cramp like this for years.

Besides stretching (which is still do regularly) I realy never quit doing bagwork but now I'm wondering how hard it will be sparring again. Does any one in a similar situation got any advice or stories? Does anyone here that has had and kind of spinal/back surgury compete? I'd imagine it would be worse for grapplers. Input appreciated.