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    Quote Originally Posted by bad credit
    Hey, maybe this should go in the grappling subforum, but does anybody remember Kerr's variation on the armbar? Where he would put the opponent's forearm or hand under his armpit? Basically, instead of a straight armbar, the arm is diagonal across your torso. I've found it puts a lot more pressure on the elbow much quicker, but I've been warned by a local BJJ guy that it's harder to hang on to the arm that way, which I can understand.

    My ?'s are; is there a name for this tech.? A Diagonal armbar? Did Kerr invent it, or did he get it from another art? What do the grapplers here think of it?
    I think he probably learned it from Bas.
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    i dont know if its a pure judo variation, but i first learned that armbar from my judo instructor he called it "armbar variation with his arm trapped in your armpit"

    yeah, he isnt one for original names, i would have gone with "bamboo grove in the wind"

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    It's just something you do if the fucker won't tap and you want to really hurt him.

    See: Rua vs. Randleman.
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