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    John M. Latourrette also has 4 Yahoo Groups. You need to join the groups and have each post approved if you want to post. He will not approve any posts that are not flattering to him, and posts under several screen names to build himself up. If you try to post anything he does not agree with or is critical of him, he will kick you off the group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by botunga
    So, Latourrette is promoting and aiding a person who is openly selling a course on how to take advantage of a woman while she sleeps.
    Hmm - if I've got access to her while she's sleeping I would imagine that the seduction has already taken place... Unless you're barging in on your little sister's slumber party and that can just get ugly what with the statutory rape laws and all...

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    Much better, Botunga. Now we can look into more producive avenues of investigation. Anyone feel like joining a cult?
    And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.

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    John M. Latourrette's Wildly Inflated Claims?

    Here are some other interesting claims by John M. Latourrette that I have serious questions about. He claims to have personally trained over 40,000 students. This would mean he has trained the equivalent of a small city! Where are all these students? Perhaps some of them are on this forum? Where are all of his black belts? Someone who has trained 40,000 students should have a good number of black belts by now (not just the ones I mentioned earlier who think he treated them badly). The math doesn't work here. Where are all his schools? I cannot find a SINGLE school listed in any of the directories on the web that is associated or under John M. Latourrette. I don't think any even exist. He apparently did have a small school out in Medford, Oregon some years back. Nothing wrong with that; but why the fantastic claims?

    He also claims to have had over 50,000 fights during his life. Ok, let's do the math here too. If he spars every day for his whole life since birth, and he's 50 years old now, that would only be 18,250 time. And we all know this is bullshit. Does anyone fight every day of their life?

    And he claims that he has had a huge amount of street fights, knife fights and combat experience. What street fights? When and where? What knife fights? Against who??? And what combat experience? On some of his other promo materials he says he was an Army translator. Nothing wrong with that, but Army translators normally don't see combat. When and where did he see combat? Was it CQB? I don't believe any of this. I think he's just another dojo warrior. I think he has wildly exaggerated the truth.

    He claims to have trained olympic athletes, including a weight lifter? Who? What Olympics did they win their medal at?

    Also, the claim of two 10th degree black belts. On his site that is now shut own he listed a Credeentials page, in which he claimed all kinds of black belts in all kinds of styles including even Vietnamese Karate. This included a 10th in his own association and a 10th under Jim Mitchell. Yet there seems to be no known relationship between him and Mitchell, and Latourrette is listed nowhere that I can find except on his own site as a 10th in World Kenpo. I don't believe he is a 10th in World Kenpo but can anyone actually verify it? Now, to be fair he is listed as an 8th under Tracy, on Tracy's site. Nothing wrong with that.

    What I suspect here is wild, massive rank inflation to once again, fool the consumer into believing Latourrette is the world's greatest martial artist, a superior being so far above the rest that you should pay his wildly inflated prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapper
    What the **** is with people who come here to spit and shout and sputter about this guy or that; and then get pissed when we all don't jump right in?

    What the ****? You think he is a fraud? Great. Do some research, find some dirt. If you need help, ask. But for ****'s sake don't come here and throw a temper tantrum about someone must of us have never heard of or care about, and then get pissy when we don't all drop what we are doing to pat you on the back and tell you how special your situation is.

    If you give us something compelling to work with, we can help you with a real investigation. But if you only intend to bitch about the guy...well...why should any of us care?
    HA!!! Scrapper is my new hero...This statement should be stickied...Phrost!!!!!!

    Anyway, botunga, your investigation now looks like it is getting some legs. Instead of posting tid-bit here and there as you come across things, take the time to gather what you have (it seams that you have already logged a bit of time on this) and put your case together in a comprehensive post and submit it for review by the mod god's on this site. So long as your sources are credible our fact checking, and re-checking, checks out these types of articles are what this site is about.

    However, as has been stated repeatedly by Sam, make sure you do not make an allegation where there is insufficient backing to support the claim. Keep these in mind as a GENERAL giude when drafting your document:

    Fraudulent Misrepresentation:

    1. A false statement of representation concerning a material fact;
    2. the representer knows that the representation is false;
    3. The representer intends that the representation will induce another to rely on it; and
    4. there is consequent (preferably compensable) injury to the other party who acted in reliance on the representation.
    Defamation: (libel=written/slander=spoken)

    1. a person makes a false and defamatory statement concerning another;
    2. that statement is produced through an unprivileged publication to a third party;
    3. the publication was made without reasonable care as to the truth or falsity of the staements made;
    4. there is resulting actual damage to the person.
    NOTE - The elements of defamation differ a bit between a public figure and a private person, essentially, a private person is entitled to more protection.

    ALSO -
    These are general elements for each of these causes of action and each state or particular jurisdiction made have slight differences in these elements.

    good luck in your investigation.


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    Can someone help me with or give me permission to post a Word document here? My reason for asking is in this document, John M. Latourrette writes “And the Doc is the MOST FAMOUS Mental Trainer on The Planet For martial arts Athletes!”. Really? Anyone here want to comment?

    And "Access to a Kahuna Guru like Dr. La Tourrette who has accomplished so much is unheard of for most". Hooboy.

    And, "Doc did well in the service, becoming the most decorated Korean Translator and Code breaker for the Army Security Agency in Anjong Ni Korea. While there, like most in the military, he drank heavily. He graduated from college again in 1973, still drinking heavy. At the age of 32 he quit drinking. He retired a millionaire four years later at the age of 36." Now, is any of this true?

    I'd like to post this document, or if that is not allowed, to send it privately to a moderator for review.

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    And Now...He Has THREE 10th Dans!?!

    So, just found this. I'm posting (with headers for verification) his post on in which John M. Latourrette states on his signature line he has "Black Belts in 19 different systems, 10th Dan in 3." No problemo. Hey, what's a few 10th dans for a superhuman? And 19 black belts, well, is that really a lot? After all, he EARNED them, right?

    Oh, and he states also "I've fought more than 50,000 times over the
    past 56 years, and I've trained more than 38,000 people in my
    martial arts schools, WITHOUT counting all the people that have
    bought my books, videos and special reports." Yeah, aha, right, you bet, of course.....

    And, "martial arts expertise acquired over 56 yrs in the arts and fighting & Training
    civilians, cops, bikers, boozers, fanatics in Asia, Europe, Mexico,
    the United States and Canada. " Hey, he's apparently fighting terrorists (fanatics?) on several continents. He forgot Africa! Let's see, better not give him any ideas.....But who was he working for? When did he fight fanatics? Does his military service record support this claim? Is he saying he was a mercenary? Oh, those darn details again.

    This has really entered the theatre of the absurd. If this isn't fraud on the part of Dr. John M. Latourrette, I sure don't know what is. Here's the post with headers:

    Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 10:49:06 -0000
    To: [email protected]
    Message-ID: <[email protected]>
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    From: "docspeed2001" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Well group, here's the first post, the one that starts it. Glad you are here!
    X-Yahoo-Group-Post: member; u=86811597; y=FZwGw4TJpnjmnNhUyijsq9JvLBf9aU35ItJikkvDdCj5LF-71qGS
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    X-eGroups-Approved-By: docspeed2001 <[email protected]> via web; 22 Aug 2006 11:01:13 -0000

    Hi Group,

    I just started up speedhitting-essentialskills. Want to join?

    I just started the following FREE Yahoo group, speedhitting-
    essentialskills, which will be dedicated to my martial arts
    expertise acquired over 56 yrs in the arts and fighting & Training
    civilians, cops, bikers, boozers, fanatics in Asia, Europe, Mexico,
    the United States and Canada.

    I did a quick tally, and I've fought more than 50,000 times over the
    past 56 years, and I've trained more than 38,000 people in my
    martial arts schools, WITHOUT counting all the people that have
    bought my books, videos and special reports.

    I also did a bit of tournament fighting until I got so damn angry that my points were not being seen, that I quit doing that sport. I did win 38 personal trophies in sparring...

    Here's the good news.

    My students WIN!

    Did you hear that? Here it is again. "MY STUDENTS WIN!"

    If we take 8 students to a tournament, they come back with 23 trophies.

    So the advice I give and my clients give might not be the only way to do it, but it is a damn good way to do it, so you know you'll be getting great advice and skill sets from those who have the experience behind them to walk their talk.

    So, I've had a tad bit more experience than the normal 18 yr old kid
    paid $50 bucks to enter into a cage fight so the promoter can make a
    fist full of fungoles.

    Broken teeth (crowns, and partials), broken fingers, a scar or two,
    broken toes, many a bruise, torn out knees, a broken back, big
    knuckles, several operations on the nose, on hernias, on the

    ...and it's all been a lot of fun, and I'm glad I did it, and I'm
    still doing it.

    ...and we do have some skill sets for injuries, the real skills that heal you overnight, if you want them also...

    Why did I start this new group?

    It's all "their" fault.

    I'm continually getting people asking me for a forum where we can
    discuss mayhem and martial arts skills & drills without upsetting
    all the others in the other groups I have like mindmastery-
    essentialskills, healing-energies and manifestationmasters.

    Then my boy, Jack, asked me to also.

    He's been training for 19 years (started at 4 yrs old) and hopefully
    he and some of my current black belts and other students will also
    join in and contribute.

    So, if you want, join up. We'd love to have you.

    Normal rules of respect apply.

    Here's the blurb I just put on the internet.
    Dr. John M. La Tourrette
    Ph.D. Sports Psychology,
    Black Belts in 19 different systems, 10 th Dan in 3.
    Founder of SECRETS OF SPEED HITTING, etc.

    Title: Speed Hitting Secrets Revealed
    Description: How to hit a man 11 times or more in 1 sec or less.
    (most others can only do 3!) How to kick him in the head before he
    can see your foot move. How to hit him from 9 feet away before he
    can twitch his eye. This group is to help adult martial arts
    athletes get skilled in speed. Speed Master 10th Degree Grand Black
    Belt Dr. John LaTourrette clocked at 18.3 effective hits in 1 sec by
    the Mind Mastery Training Institute, 1989. Black Belt mag clocked
    him at more than 16 hits/sec in 1994. He's much faster now. This
    group is for his clients world wide. Sports Psychology.
    Energy Medicine (chi kung) Master. Precision Modeling Master (NLP
    Trainer). Certified Mind Control Trainer. 28 books. 349
    DVD's.Methods on tripling speed in 1 evening.Secrets of Mind
    Control. Nerve Cavities.Distant energy strikes. Healing Energy
    skills.Effective street weapons.Speed combined with thinking is the
    way to POWER! Speed Fighting! FREE COUPONS! Increase Awareness 2,000
    times. Cop drills. Mercenary skills. The secret Speed Model. Color
    Code of Combat. Secret Reactionary Sequence. Bruce Lee. Invisible
    Strikes. Conquer fear. 9 Winning Secrets. What speed is not! SOF
    mag, "LaTourrette knows & teaches, as did BRUCE LEE & Mike Echanis,
    win any way you can!" SGT D. Gillum, SWAT Inst. "Doc trained me & I
    turned into the Ultimate Fighting Survival Warrior, both mental &
    physical." Master Kang 7th Dan,"Doc's Ability is remarkable!" Black
    Belt mag, "Doc has brought the mental aspect of MA training into the
    20th Cent." Ed Parker 10th, "Doc's realistic views & comments are a
    tribute...I therefore sanction & recommend Mental Training of a
    Warrior!" Al Tracy 10th, "Doc is one of the MA geniuses, a topnotch
    artist that uses scientifically proven principles that work to gain
    speed instantly! I've known him for 35 yrs & he keeps getting better
    and better!" These are the most effective speed secrets ever
    revealed. Required, "Secrets of SPEED HITTING" just to be able to
    talk with his clients worldwide. SKILL!

    Dr. John M. La Tourrette

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    Quote Originally Posted by emboesso
    There's an earlier precedent I believe, Sam. The 1987 case against Soldier Of Fortune magazine.
    Thank you, and good catch.

    "Mr. Norwood is not attempting to have
    defendant enjoined from exercising its right to run advertisements
    such as those in question. Instead, he is simply asking that a
    jury, after a trial, award him damages for the consequences of
    those advertisements."

    The argument was that commercial speach enjoys less protection then regular speach under the 1st admendment and an ad for mercenary services was certainly commercial speach. What also hurt SOF was that the foreseeability that someone would get injuried was very high, even higher then if someone published a book explaining how to conduct certain "business practices." Though by the time one reaches foreseeability, one has already decided that the first admendment does not provide protection against civil suit.

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    Hahaha, I'm subscribing to this thread and see how it ends up. The humor value in someone calling Sam "emotional" is worth it alone.

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    Sam, I tried to send you a private message on my request for the Word doc upload, but the system won't let me send. How can I get it to you?

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