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    What can I say about this place? It's great! It took me a few years to discover it, and in the meantime I was travelling to another gym that was adding the McDojo to the MMA.

    This place is the real deal. They have a full contact MMA/Kickboxing team. The instruction is great, with enough detail to convey how to do the techniques but not so much to rob training time. Sparring can be as hard as you want or as light and most of the veterans there are willing to do either. Ego's are checked in at the door.

    The main course offered here is called "Total Defense System" which was first developed by Eddie Camden in Atlanta, GA for military and law enforcement. The system is a blend of Muay Thai, Brazillian Jujitsu, Kali and Escrima. This primary docus and benefit of TDS is defense, of course, but it also has secondary focus of Physical Conditioning which is where many McDojo fail out. Safety is emphasized and attitudes can be checked in at the door.

    Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jujitsu is also offered. Pedro Sauer is 6th degree Black Belt of Rickson Gracie. The quality of instruction at OMA is on par, if not better than other local clubs.

    Judo is offered for both adults and children. The Judo instructor is also the MMA coach and instructor. He doesn't just teach Judo in the Judo class, but also weaves in other grappling and throwing techniques learned from Erik Paulsen's CSW, BJJ and more.

    Enshin Karate is taught there, which is a "knockdown" karate. I can't say too much about it, but that they do learn a bit of kata but they also spar a bit too. Offered to both kids and adults.

    There is an MMA/Pankration block in the schedule that is aimed towards the hardcore martial artists and the fight team. The class is invitation only, but it doesn't take much more than a good attitude and competence not to purposefully block punches with your face to be invited. Generally, this is where most of the sparring is done, but sometimes it can be just a grueling conditioning session as well. The focus of the class is dependant on the fight schedule of the team.

    The size of the place is a bit small but large enough to train in. Despite this, the ownder has managed to have a wall of 4 heavy bags, an uppercut bag, a full-size ring and a "cage" area to train in.

    For South West Portland area, you really can't beat this place for quality of instruction, diversity of martial arts and "alive" training.
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