Ok ok, I do go to ATA. Started with my 8 year old daughter. Wife and i joined a bit later. I missed 7 months due to tearing my ACL, but am now back. Note, I am 54 years old. Decent shape. I enjoy ATA, at least my school, because it is run professionally. There are no youth instructors. Everything is very well run and I do not feel we are being ripped off. I read these posts and I guess, yes ATA is not for the hard core martial artists, but for me and my family, it works. We have made life long friends with not only the other students and familys but the school owner and instructors as well. I am staying in shape and learning thiings I would not learn at a health club. I do feel like we are getting our moneys worth. My daughter is gaining needed confidence and we are all enjoying this as a family. Sorry to ramble, but I thought I would just share my opinion. Thanks, and I look forward to learning a few things here in this very cool site.